Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jungle Girl Nyoka Has Been Mucking Around

 quiIn the course of her comic book career, Nyoka found herself bust-deep in mire during four different adventures. It's a dubious track record that no other jungle heroine would likely challenge. 

She apparently never learned to tread carefully on smooth, flat surfaces or to carry a long pole. Nor was she privy to the standard quicksand survival tips (don't struggle, try to gradually shift to a horizontal position). She barely had the foresight to bring a length of rope.

Her big-screen incarnation exhibited slightly better sense, but managed to land in other nasty predicaments during two Republic serials... 'Jungle Girl' and 'The Perils Of Nyoka'.
Despite the deathtraps, Nyoka survived a slew of appearances in Fawcett's 'Master Comics' and 67 issues of her own title. 

The following dramatic misstep comes from Nyoka issue 67---

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